Welcome to the Young Hercules University! Feel free to take a tour of the campus, but mind the Hoolies!

Say hello to our Mascot, Ruff, but whatever you do, do not startle him!

Places to go

The Lecture Hall
What's new at YHU, and any important announcements!

The Main Office
All you need to know about YHU, check it out!

The Admissions Office
Sign up for The Academy.

The Attendance Office
A list of students and their levels.

Chancellors' Offices
Need help? Have complaints? Or just wanna talk? Drop on by.

Fiducious' Office
Ol'Fiddle Face keeps track of the treasure hunt results around here.

The Events Calendar
Check out the upcoming events... watch out for Hoolie Day!

The Campus Map
Map of The Academy. Don't get lost!

The Living Quarters
Cadet's Dorm Rooms. Keep that noise down!

The YHU Lounge
The Academy Forum, where we all chat! Come and hang with us!

The Weekly Test
Test your Young Hercules Knowledge. New test every week. (YHU cadets only)

The Hall of Records
Find out how many Daccuda Points each of the cadets have earned!

A list of Classes offered at YHU.

The YHU Art Gallery
YH Character and Actor-related art by YHU's cadets!

The YHU Music Room
YH Character and Actor music clips, as well as songs by YHU's cadets!

The YHU Training Courtyard and Track
a.k.a the Interview Arena! We now have three interviews! Go us!

The Library
An archive of the students' Young Hercules and Forum fanfiction

The YHU Kitchen
Delicious recipes from our cadets!

The Mess Hall (Cafeteria)
Hoolie FAQ; rules, how-to, etc.

The Gym
YHU Sports Teams and Extracurricular activities

The Auditorium
YHU's Clubs

The Academy Tavern
Stop by for a Young Hercules drinking game
(Don't worry Mom and Dad, we only drink lemonade. Promise!)

The YHU Chicken Coop
A gallery of YH merchandise! Check out the pretties!

The Bathroom Wall
Our Guestbook; Sign the Wall! Read the Wall!

Links to the best pages around.

Disclaimers and Thank Yous
A big thanks to everyone who's contributed to this university!

You are Cadet #Site Meter to visit The Academy since its Official Re-Opening on May 23th 2006.