Level names and what the students do at those levels. The lists beneath the levels are thanks to Raven. Now we aren't saying that the following things actually happen at these levels. It's just a funny little list.

MIA - Cadets that havn't been seen in awhile.
If you are on this list then just let me know.

1- Recruit
Leaps short temples in a single bound.
Can Hoolie with the best of them.
More powerful than a horse.
Faster than a speeding arrow.
Walks on water.
Gives policy to the Chancellors.

2- Rookie
Leaps temples with a single bound.
Admired by other Hooliers.
More powerful than a chariot.
Is just as fast as a speeding arrow.
Walks on water if sea is calm.
Talks with the Chancellors.

3- Greenhorn
Leaps short temples with a running start and favorable winds.
Gets caught by the occasional Hoolie.
Is almost as powerful as a chariot.
Is faster than a speeding arrow if thrown.
Walks on water in indoor swimming pools.
Talks with Chancellors if special request is approved.

4- Disciple
Barely clears a hut.
Can spell Hoolie.
Loses tug-of-war with a chariot.
Can fire a bow and arrow.
Swims well.
Occationally addressed by Chancellors.

5- Apprentice Cadet
Leaps up front steps of temples.
Knows what a Hoolie is.
Can ride a chariot if seatbelt is secure.
Well versed with the 'Nerf' bow and arrow set.
Can bathe without drowning.
Knows the Chancellor's names.

6- Cadet
Makes high marks on temples when trying to leap them.
Constantly has egg on their face.
Is run over by chariots.
Can sometimes handle a bow and arrow without inflicting self-injury.
Dog paddles in ponds.
Talks with animals.

7- Notable Cadet
Runs into temples when trying to leap them.
Hoolies themselves.
Recognizes a chariot 2 out of 3 times.
Is not allowed to use a bow and arrow.
Can stay afloat if properly instructed in use of a life jacket.
Talks to walls.

8- Junior Cadet
Can find a temple in a deserted town if the sign is well lit.
Cleans up after Hoolie day.
Thinks a chariot is an outhouse.
Uses bow and arrow as a fancy hat.
Drinks pond water.
Talks with plant life.

9- Senior Cadet
Confuses large rocks as temples.
Shows up for Hoolie day armed with only a slice of bread.
Sits at side of road and watches chariots pass by.
Turned in bow and arrow set for a lovely pair of sandals.
Gets drunk drinking pond water.
Mumble to themselves.

10- Master Cadet
Falls over doorstep when trying to leap temples.
Uses Hoolie day as an all you can eat buffet.
Points and says, "Look at the pretty chariot."
Wets themselves at the mere mention of a bow and arrow.
Plays in mud puddles.
Can only speak mono-sylabolicaly.

Lifts temples and walks under them.
Food cowers in their presence.
Kicks chariots out of their way.
Catches speeding arrows in their teeth and eats them.
Freezes water with a single glance.
They are GODS.

~*~ List of students and their levels ~*~

Level One- Recruit:
Eily - Amazon

Level Two - Rookie:
Selene - Amazon

Level Three - Greenhorn:
Dea - Amazon
Tom - Hunter

Level Four - Disciple:
Alex - Amazon
Aimee - Amazon
Celest - Amazon
Ty - Amazon

Level Five - Apprentice Cadet:
Alayia - Amazon
Casche - Amazon
Neila - Amazon
Silver - Amazon

Level Six - Cadet

Level Seven - Notable Cadet

Level Eight - Junior Cadet

Level Nine - Senior Cadet

Level Ten - Master Cadet

Tern - Amazon
Bryn - Amazon
Gorax - Hunter

~*~ Promotions ~*~
Promotion time happens twice a year when the Chancellors decide whether the cadets get to move up a level. Promotion times are rarely announced in advance.

12/16/06 Promotions: Recruit to Greenhorn - Dea; Rookie to Disciple - Alex; Greenhorn to Disciple - Celest, Ty, Aimee; Greenhorn to Apprentice - Casche; Disciple to Apprentice - Neila, Alayia.

5/23/06 Promotions: Disciple to Chancellor - Bryn; Apprentice to Chancellor - Gorax.

~*~ MIA, or People On Wisdom Quests That We Haven't Gotten Scrolls From In A While ~*~
We know it's possible that a few of you might just be lurking. But you need to make yourselves known once and awhile so you don't lose a promotion.

Achaea, Alexis, Amanda, Amiya, Angel, Angiligue, Aramis, Aria, Aspen, Athea, Athera, Aura, Aurora, Autumn, Brittany, Callisto, Carie, Caroline, Cassandra, Cat, Cestria, Chastity, Cheryl, Chrysalis, Cleophus, Constance, Corin, Curlyfrito, Damia, Dearra, Diana, Eclipse, Elizabeth, Emily Ems, Eurydice, Euterpe, Gabriella, Gywen, HBKid, Hebe, Hope, Husna, Ileen, Isis, Jackee, Jane, Jasmine, Jenni, Jennifer, Jenny, Jodi, Jonas, Kali, Kalina, Kathleen, Kathrine, Kathryn, Kayla, Kayin, Kc, Kethryn, Kierna, Kieyn, Kimberly, Kristi, Kristina, Leda, Lindsay, Lishy, Lissy, Luna, Lyra, Maria, Mayress, Medea, Meghan, Melis, Merry, Micalla, Mimma, Mistaya, Mnemosyne, Nemesis, Nem, Nicole, Nikki, Noraini, Nodaca, Nuit, Nysah, Pelee, Princess Liz, Raven, Rhiannon, Rogue, Ryanne, Samantha, Saphira, Sara, Sarah, Shez, Syntax, Terpsichore, Thalia, Traci, Trina, Vanessa, Victoria.
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