YHU's Clubs

The Mischief Makers
President: Euterpe
Members: Euterpe, Mimma, Pelee, Rhiannon, Thalia, Silver Rose, Tern, Ellista, Aura, Vanessa, Medea, Young Xena, Corin, Dearra, Cheryl, Athea
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The M&M Club
President: Thalia
Members: Aura, Aspen, Bryn, Mimma, Chastity, Euterpe, Tern, Pelee, Cheryl

My Favorite Color is Clear Club (FCCC)
Presidents: Achaea, Kalina, Trina
Members: Trina, Kalina, Achaea, Aura, Thalia, Pelee, Mimma, Dearra, Niela, Nicole

Writer's Club
President: Tern
Members: Euterpe, Medea, Pelee, Rhiannon, Thalia, Mimma, Chastity, Achaea, Kalina, Emily, Niela, Saphira, Dearra

YHU Players
Presidents: Cheryl, Neila
Members: Kieyn, Dearra, Euterpe, Jasmine, Pelee, Thalia, Mimma, Hebe, Aura, Achaea, Constance, Saphira, Raven

YHU Organizations

Young Hercules Academy Awards (YHAA)
Founders: Pelee, Rhiannon
Relive our first annual YHAA

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