Name: Eilahra (Eily)
Age: 19-20ish. The last few years with the Amazons kind of blurred together
DOB: unknown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Like she'd tell.
Physical description: She has an average build to start with, but she's very fit and muscular from running around in the forest being an Amazon.
Eye color: Brown. Not afraid to make eye contact (except with a Medusa or etc)
Hair color & style: Long wavy brown. She usually wears it loose, but will tie it back if it's very windy.
Distinguishing features (piercing, scars, birthmarks, etc): Scar on her lower back from falling out of a tree a few years ago. Nothing major.
Physical imperfections/would like most to change: Wishes she were stronger
Physical illnesses or afflictions: can get a nasty cough when the weather turns too cold, but with decent food this usually doesn't happen.
Clothing style/favorite outfits: Peasant blouse, pants, hip scarf, sandals or boots depending on the weather.
Powers/special abilities (and their limitations): None, she's a mortal.
Weapons/fighting style: Her Amazon staff is her primary weapon. She also uses twin daggers for both throwing and fighting. She knows how to use a sword if it's all she has, but prefers her staff and daggers by far.
Ethnic group: Athenian
Family background/lineage: Her father was a successful Athenian merchant, as his father had been and so on for several generations back.
Education: Her father taught her to read and write. He taught her a little math too, but nothing advanced. When she became an Amazon she learned to fight and survive in the forest.
Skills, abilities and talents: Staff fighting, use of twin daggers, climbing (trees, walls, cliffs, you name it), and whistling like different kinds of birds (her tribe used whistles as signals).
Areas of expertise:Surviving in the forest, Amazon culture.
Weakness(es): Bad at archery. Not as strong as she'd like to be.
Occupation: Amazon fighter
Past Occupations (if any): Athenian merchant's daughter.


Psychological description: Losing her father, having her home taken from her, and being adopted by Amazons has made a definite impact on this girl. She hates the sexist laws of her times, has difficulty trusting men with too much power, and feels that women are better to rely on. She wants to trust men more, but it's a conscious effort.
Good, bad or neutral: Good
General personality type: Friendly, interested in the world around her, good at diffusing awkward situations among her friends. Eily is a middle child, and she fits that birth order well. She tries to keep the peace and loves hanging out with her friends. She's a responsible student most of the time. However Eily is also an Amazon. She sticks up for her opinions, snaps at people (particularly men) when pushed too far, and isn't shy around new people or in strange situations.
Introvert/extrovert: Extrovert.
Method of dealing with anger: Fuming silently for awhile, then snapping. Sometimes she'll train very hard to get out agression.
Philosophy of life: Your friends are your family. Treat them accordingly.
Fears: Somehow getting roped into marriage with a man like her cousin.
Manias/Obsessions: Women's rights.
Pet peeves and gripes: Sexism.
Relationships with parents/family: SLoves her mom, sisters, and little brother Demetrius. She hasn’t seen Demetrius in years but they’ve kept close through letters. He lives with a distant uncle in Corinth.
Things that make uncomfortable or embarrass: Groups full of delicate, demure, obedient women. She was initially raised as an Athenian flower, but that ship sailed when she joined the Amazons and now she’s too independent to fit in with most high society of her times.
Most painful things in one's life: Losing her father, when her cousin inherited and kicked everyone but Demetrius out.
Traumas/psychological scars from the past: Subconsciously scared that men will always die/leave/abandon her.
Sexual orientation: Straight
Most crucial experience(s) that helped mold the character's personality/attitude: Being adopted by Amazons.
Problems with the law/authority (if so, for what?): None currently.

~Goals & Needs~

Short-term goals: doing well in her classes.
Long-term goals: getting her brother Demetrius to come to the Academy.
Short-term needs:
Long-term needs:


Hobbies: Learning to play the lute.
Interests: Music, feminism, adventuring, hanging out.
Home when away from the academy: Amazon tribe with her mother and two sisters.
Home & neighborhood description: A great tribe off in a forest. Rough and tumble, fun, a close-knit group. They’re always glad when she comes home.
Hometown: Originally Athens.
Major problems to solve or overcome: Society not liking empowered women.
Minor problems to solve or overcome: Wants to learn archery but just can’t get the hang of it.

~Character history/Intro story~

How did you wind up at the Academy?

Word got around that it was a respectable place. Eilahra doesn’t hate all men the way most of her tribe does, because her father was a very good man. She decided that she wanted to live in a co-ed society, and her tribe’s queen gave her permission to go to the Academy.

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