Things to keep in mind:

1) These are questions about your CHARACTER, *not* YOU in real life.

2) Some of these questions get into the nitty gritty of your character's personality, and some could be considered controversial. Please answer as many as you can, but it's okay if you haven't decided parts and need to leave them blank, or if you choose not to answer some questions. They are all optional.

3) Your answers to this form will be posted on the YHU website, attached as a link to your room, so that - should you give permission - other cadets can better write you into their stories. Again, if you don't feel comfortable answering a certain question about your character ~or~ if you haven't decided on that aspect of your character, then leave the question blank. You can always update your bio later.

The YHU is an equal opportunity academy and does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, religion, national origin, lineage, brains and smarts, sexual orientation, gender, amount of non-human blood in your veins, marital status, physiology, age, past run-ins with the royal guards, disability or veteran status, including veterans of the Barbarian Sieges and deserters of the Battle of Yoper. Or any other legal mumbo jumbo you can think of. We don't discriminate, and if we catch you being mean, there will be Tataurus to pay.


Physical description:
Eye color:
Hair color & style:
Distinguishing features (piercing, scars, birthmarks, etc):
Physical imperfections/would like most to change:
Physical illnesses or afflictions:
Clothing style/favorite outfits:
Powers/special abilities (and their limitations):
Weapons/fighting style:
Ethnic group:
Family background/lineage:
Skills, abilities and talents:
Areas of expertise:
Past Occupations (if any):


Psychological description:
Good, bad or neutral:
General personality type:
Method of dealing with anger:
Philosophy of life:
Pet peeves and gripes:
Relationships with parents/family:
Things that make uncomfortable or embarrass:
Most painful things in one's life:
Traumas/psychological scars from the past:
Sexual orientation:
Most crucial experience(s) that helped mold the character's personality/attitude:
Problems with the law/authority (if so, for what?):

Goals & Needs

Short-term goals:
Long-term goals:
Short-term needs:
Long-term needs:


Home when away from the academy:
Home & neighborhood description:
Major problems to solve or overcome:
Minor problems to solve or overcome:

Character history/Intro story

How did you wind up at the Academy?


When you are finished, please send your scrolls to my office.

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