Student levels are listed in the Attendance Office.
Cadets may only study courses that correspond to their level or below.
(ie, a level 5 can take a level one course. A Level 1 can NOT take a level 5)

Amazon Etiquette
Hunter Etiquette
Sassback 101
Tauntology 101
Conspiracy 101
Hoolie 101: History of, The Art of, How to Recognize (combine with current Art of Hoolies)
Kiwi Appreciation and Culture
Romance 101: basic study
Discreet Escapes (also know as how to politely turn down Falafel’s food)
Building a Harem 101: the basics
Accessorizing personal space (chalices, weapons –combine with current accessorizing with chalices)

Identifying your hero (also know s how to tell Iolaus from his cousin)
Hoolie 202 (prereq, Hoolie 101) includes coverage on: spam, cheese and vegemite without actually eating them.
Romance 202 (prereq, Romance 101) : developing technique
How to Hoolie Proof Your Room
Building a Harem 201 (no pre-reqs) – the basics
Underwater Basket Weaving
Heroic Art (with live models) (combine with current drawing and sculpting)
Fan Fiction Storytelling Techniques
How to torture your friends with Puns
Sassback 201 (pre-req of level 1)
Tauntology 201 (pre-req of level 1)
Conspiracy 201 (pre-req of level 1)
Deviousness 201 (no pre-reqs)

Hoolie 301: 101 uses for leftover Hoolie food
Music 301: Bawdy Ballads, Lascivious Lullabies
Romance 301 (pre-reqs Romance 101 and 201) Seductive Melodies, Setting the Mood
Under the Leathers: How to tell if the object of you desire is wearing briefs, boxers or bikinis
Building a Harem 301 (pre-req of 2)
Building a Secret Passage to Sneak your Hero in
Deviousness 301 (no pre-rec)

Hoolie 401: (pre-req of 301) the advanced Hoolie
Romance 401(pre-reqs of level 1,2,3): Independent Study with practical application
Advanced Art of Jello ((pre-req of Hoolie 101-301)
Seductive Dancing (pre-req of Romance 101-301)
Building a Harem (pre-reqs level 301)
Healing Arts 401 (no pre-req) First Aid in the Woods

Building a Harem (pre-reqs levels 1-4)
How to Fend off other Amazons from your Hero
How to save your Hero and make him think he saved you
How to Sneak off Campus without getting caught
Chancellor Bribing (if you made it this far, you might be running out of ideas!)
Herbology 501 – (no pre-req) Identifying Herbs
Healing Arts 501 – (pre-req 401) CPR, advanced first aid

All Cadets MUST choose a major when promoted to level Six
Building a Harem – applications accepted by Chancellors (pre-reqs levels 1-5)
Herbology 601 – (pre-req 501) Cultivating Herbs
Healing Arts 601 (pre-req 501) Beyond CPR

How to get your Hero alone
Herbology 701 – (pre-req 601) Mixing Potions
Healing Arts 701 – Pre-req 601) Intermediate Healing

Herbology 801 – (pre-req 701) the Deadly Ones
Healing Arts 801- (pre req 701) Advanced Healing

Ailments of the Godly Kind
Healing Arts 901 (pre-req 801) – Top secret. Work your way up there.

Independent Study w/ Hero of Choice

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