1) What is your name?
 2) What is your e-mail?
 3) How old are you (in RL, your chara's age will be asked for on the chara bio form)?
 4) When were you born (in RL)? (mm/dd/yy)
 5) What is your favorite Color?
 6) How long have you been at the forum?
 7) What are you? (i.e. Hunter, Amazon, Goddess, etc...)
 8) What do you do? (i.e if a goddess Goddess of _______, Amazon _____)
 9) Would you like to start a Club? (Yes? No? Maybe?)
10) What kind of club?
11) Do you have any suggestions for classes?
12) Any Extracurricular Activities?
13) Who is your favorite Young Hercules Character?
14) If you go to Deb U what is your rank?


When you are finished, please send your scrolls to my office.

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