Walk in and to the left you see a modest desk with some parchment paper and quills and ink neatly organized on top. There are also a couple of candlesticks and matches laying off to the right of the desk.

Next to the desk in the corner near the closet you see a fighting staff. Itís nothing fancy but itís made of a sturdy wood, which Neila carved her name in so it wouldnít get mixed up with the academyís practice staffs.

The bed in the middle of the room has a fluffy down pillow and a light purple and blue blanket on it that was handmade by her mother, Loretta. Itís a blanket sheís had since she was a baby. There is also a small doll sitting neatly on the pillow. The doll looks like it was made in her image. She doesnít sleep with it but it has some sentimental value to it.

On the wall to the right of her bed is a picture of her and her mother, drawn by one of the best artists in all of Corinth.

In the corner on the right by the door is a chair for guests to sit in when they come and visit. Oh, what's this? On the chair is a scroll... you unroll the scroll and find Neila's biography.

Ooo! Neila won awards!

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