July 5, 2006 - Interview with Jodie Rimmer

The YHU extends its deepest thanks to Jodie Rimmer for taking the time to grant us an interview.

Young Hercules University: How well did you like working on the YH show?
Jodie Rimmer: I loved working on the show - loved playing Lilith and working with such a fun team of people.

YHU: What was the best perk about being a YH cast member?
JR: Probably the contact and support I got from Lucy Lawless. She was good to me.

YHU: What is your favorite memory of working on the show?
JR: Gosh its going back a while now but working with Dean and Ryan was a constant joy!

YHU: Would you ever consider working on a YH reunion movie if the chance ever arose?
JR: yes I would consider it for sure.

YHU: What do you like to do to wind down?
JR: Walking on the beach here in New Zealand and meditating.

YHU: Have you tried Magners Irish Cider?
JR: I'm bound to have!

YHU: What is your favorite food?
JR: fruit salad

YHU: What is your sign?
JR: gemini

YHU: Do people still recognize you from the show?
JR: yes

YHU: Were there any feuds between cast members?
JR: hell no!

YHU: Who was the biggest prankster?
JR: either Ryan or Dean

YHU: Do you know why Ian Bohen wasn't on the series?
JR: No.

YHU: Do you know whose voice was used for Iolaus' song during the episode "The Prize"?
JR: No.

YHU: If you could have been anyone else on the show, who would you have wanted to be?
JR: Probably Strife.

YHU: When you were filming Young Hercules, did you ever think that eight years later fans would still be talking about it and discussing the nuances of the show?
JR: Hell no!

YHU: Lilith appeared in "Herc and Seek", an episode which aired before her official entrance in "Girl Trouble". Do you know why there was this continuality error?
JR: Can't remember!

YHU: What was your least favorite scene and why?
JR: there was a scene somewhere of us running up a sand dune... it was horrible cos it was really steep and i'd had a late night so it wasn't much fun!

YHU: What was it like to work with so much computer animation stuff added in later?
JR: a little weird but i got used to it quickly so it was no big deal.

YHU: There are a few modern slips that have been found in the show. For example, during "My Fair Lilith", Hercules is trying to get Dido's suitor to speak comprehensibly, and he points to himself and says "English." Shouldn't he be saying "Greek"? In the episode "Herc and Seek", Cratus scolds Iolaus, saying "This is what you left us for? Schoolbooks and playing warrior?" But there were no books on the show, only scrolls. Were these errors pointed out or argued about at all during the filming, or did they just slip in by accident?
JR: they were probably argued but i can't remember sorry!

YHU: What was it like playing mother (Lilith/YH) and daughter (Seska/H:tLJ)?
JR: it was totally cool! it was director Charlie Haskell's idea and the producers went for it - i loved it.

YHU: Was it fun being on Xena ("Sacrifice" part 1 & 2) and Hercules ("A Wicked Good Time", "The Academy")? What was it like being on all three shows? How were the sets the same/different?
JR: I loved my time on the pacific ren shows - the new zealand crews were awesome and the stories were fun.

YHU: What is A.J. Trauth like to work with (in "You Wish")?
JR: i didn't have much to do with him.

YHU: You've acted in several shows and movies with Dean O'Gorman - are you good friends off the set, or is it just a coincidence?
JR: We became friends although have lost touch of late as he is overseas a lot.

YHU: How old were the two of you in "The Rogue Stallion"?
JR: I was about 14 so Dean would have been about 12 i think.

YHU: What do you think of Rhys Ifans? (One of our cadets, Aimee, met him once and thought he was hilarious, and was wondering if he was like that all the time).
JR: Rhys is adorable - very funny. A lovely, wonderful man.

YHU: Do you keep in touch with any of the other YH cast members?
JR: not really, it was a long time ago now.

YHU: Do you know how we could possibly contact any of the writers or other actors for interviews?
JR: No sorry.

YHU: Other than when Lilith first arrived or when she wore a dress, the guys pretty much just thought of her as one of the guys. Do you know if your character was ever supposed to become romantically entangled with any of the others, should the series have lasted longer?
JR: Not to my knowledge.

YHU: Were there any plans at all for another season before the show was cancelled?
JR: Yes i think there were plans...

YHU: Was there a reason why the show was cancelled (such as someone else had bigger plans or better career opportunity)?
JR: As far as I was aware it was a decision by the Network - we were bummed out.

YHU: Is it true there was a 51st episode that was never aired?
JR: Maybe, not sure; but perhaps.

YHU: Years ago on the original Young Hercules website, there was a video clip that showed Ryan Gosling in his costume visiting you at your trailer. You were still dressed as Lilith and were talking on the phone. He asked you out, you said no, and he walked away dejected. Did this actually happen, or was it a pre-arranged skit?
JR: It was a gag! I wish he'd ask me out again!

YHU: Did you have any say in Lilith's outfits or costume designs?
JR: No but i loved them.

YHU: What do you like best, presenting or acting?
JR: Oh Acting in movies. The last film i did was a total buzz 'In My Father's Den'. An amazing script. I was awarded Best Supporting Actress in NZ for it in 2005.

YHU: What did you do to get into the character of Lilith? Was it routine or did it just "click"?
JR: A strong instinct was all i needed to find her.

YHU: Do you have any movies or projects coming up?
JR: I just did some theatre here in Auckland, New Zealand that was a buzz. The industry is small here so i do a few different things to stay busy and interested in it all.

YHU: Do you have any convention appearances coming up?
JR: Sadly, no.

YHU: If you could create any kind of weapon out of any kind of edible foodstuff, what would you create and who would you attack with it?
JR: I'm not sure about a weapon but i'd love to throw cream pies at Dean and Ryan... and rub there faces in it... tee hee! Maybe I could fire them from my belt... bang bang bang!

YHU: May we have an autograph?
JR: I'll send an autograph in the mail.

YHU: Thank you for your time!
JR: All the best to you all - and thanks for keeping the show alive. We all loved it.

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