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January 20, 2014
The YHU extends its deepest thanks to Kieren Hutchison for taking the time to grant us an interview. Go read it at the Training Courtyard and Track!

January 18, 2014
Wow. I'm stunned and rather a bit horrified at how long it's been since I've properly updated this site. I'm so sorry, you guys! I'll work on keeping better track of time! A lot of my attention for the past few years has been trying to get the YHWiki up and off the ground, so go check that out! I'm going to start dusting up around here and cleaning up a few of the links, so look forward to that. I also updated The Events Calendar to the current year, so make sure to email me if any events are missing! More to come soonish! ~*~ Bryn

April 8, 2013
Don't miss the YHU interview with Cynthia Hsiung! Go check it out at the YHU Training Courtyard and Track!

February 22, 2008
As I try to dig myself out of the pile of parchmentwork I've let stack up around here, I'm happy to announce the posting of the YHU interview with Keith R.A. DeCandido! Go check it out at the YHU Training Courtyard and Track!

August 13, 2007
Nothing much to report, as I'm still waist-deep in scrolls and previous tests to organize, but I wanted to let you know that Eily's bio is now up in her room, and Aimee moved into Jason Hall room 107! Also, I put up Alexia's description of her room, so make sure to drop by and say hi!

August 12, 2007
*Bryn wanders in, covered in sawdust and streaked with paint* Hey! Sorry there have been so few updates, I've gotten behind in my paperwork and it's Taturus to sort out. I have, however, finished building a shelf in the music room for YH music vids, so check it out! And email me if you have vids to put on the shelf! Also, all of the cadets' recipes are now up in The YHU Kitchen, so try 'em out and enjoy!

June 3, 2007
*Bryn wanders in, looking slightly dazed and amused, but otherwise okay. She doesn't seem to notice a streak of blue paint in her hair* Hi guys! Sorry I disappeared for a bit, but I'm back now and fixing up the YHU! I made the official YHU crest - it's on display in the Main Office. I edited a few colors in the Lounge so that some of the text is easier to read, and added a banner to the image on the main page of the YHU. Welcome to our newest cadet, Alexia, who's moving into Room 108 in Lilith Hall, and who has earned three dps for turning in forms and reserving a room.

January 5, 2007
A new weekly test is up. The Yule Treasure Hunt has closed, the answers are up in Fiducious' office, dps have been assigned, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards are up in the students' dorm rooms.

January 1, 2007
*Bryn enters in casual clothes, holding a cup of Berry Madness* Happy new year! It's a brand new year, and my fellow cadets and I are looking forward to adding lots of fun new things in the upcoming months! Come by the forum and hang - we're partying and playing games all the time! Today I uploaded Celest and Neila's bios, added a new pic to the bios of cadets who haven't turned in their own bio pics, and added a few missing birthdays to the '07 calendar. Let me know if I'm missing anything!

December 19, 2006
Whee! The new YHU has its first Promotion Ceremony! Come and party! Also, I've updated the Weekly Test, Previous Weekly Tests, Hall of Records, and Attendance Office. Plus, the next year is up on the calendar. Let me know if I'm missing any events!

December 4, 2006
Wow, this year has flown by! I finally got caught up with grading tests and adding up Daccuda points. Otherwise, there's not much going on. Most of the students are studying for tests or getting ready for the winter holidays.

July 7, 2006
*Bryn, just getting off from a shift at Aphrodite's temple, is still dressed in the work uniform 'Dite demands - a pair of lacy pink underwear and a matching pink lacy bra with yards of pink gauzy material flowing from it. The lace is itchy and the gauze is drafty, and Bryn does not look happy* Fixed the main page links, and added the newest section links to the campus map. Put the current Weekly Test up and updated the Past Weekly Tests page. I'm still behind grading past tests and recording Daccuda points, but that's the next thing I work on. Fixed Casche's bio and room descrip. *Bryn yawns and wanders away to change*

July 6, 2006
Woo-hoo! We've got an Interview with Jodie Rimmer! Go us! Also added The YHU Training Courtyard and Track, The YHU Chicken Coop, and Fiducious' Office.

July 5, 2006
Got the Music Room up! Enjoy the songs! Dea's moved into Lilith Hall 121. Give her a warm welcome to the YHU!

May 23, 2006
*Bryn strolls in, elegantly dressed in her best ceremony outfit* The YHU is officially re-open today! Make sure you attend the Opening Ceremony! There is also a new weekly test featuring the site, as well as a Treasure Hunt to celebrate the re-opening. Let's Party!

May 11, 2006
*Bryn stumbles in, exausted* Things I've updated: Put an award in Neila's room for getting the first 10/10 on the Weekly test. Put up a new image on the Chancellors' Offices page. Put a border around the Weekly Test pic. Put a border around the Previous Exams pic. Put a border around the Hall of Records pic. Put a border around the Classes pic. Put a border around the Art Gallery pic. (I'm rather proud of this one ^_^) Put a border around the Library pic. Put up a new image on the Gym page. Put text on and a border around the Auditorium pic. Put text on and a border around the Tavern pic. Put a border around the Links pic. Put a border around the Disclaimer pic. Not bad for seven hours of work, eh? ~_~ yeesh, my head hurts. Now I'm just waiting for Alayia to finish the pic for the main page, and the images should be done! Please let me know if I mispelled anything. I don't think I did but I wasn't paying the closest attention. I also added in the heights and widths to the picture codes, so that even if your computer is slow and takes time for the images to load, the test doesn't keep moving down the page wen the image finally loads.

May 8, 2006
A new weekly test is up! Enjoy! Calendar monthy images are up! Aren't they fabulous?!?!?!!!! Casche gets three dp for the afore mentioned fabulous calendar pics. Added Neila's room desc., she gets one dp.

May 7, 2006
Just did a little tidying up ^_^ added "The YHU" to most of the page titles, and changed the "Home" links at the bottom of the pages to say "Back to the YHU main page". Nothing much else to report.

May 6, 2006
Put up new versions of the dorm maps. Maniped most of the pics on the site.

May 2, 2006
Things I've updated... Changed Ruff's pic on the main page. Changed Ruff's Hall pic (you might have to refresh the page for the site to switch to the new pic). Changed Lilith Hall pic. Changed Weekly Test pic. Changed Prev Tests pic. Changed Living Quarters pic. Changed Art Gallery pic. Added link to the Story Board in the library - shoulda done that a long time ago ^_~;;; Changed calender link over to the current month. Added Eily's room descrip - she gets one dp. Ty got an 8/10 on her weeky test, and gets 2dps. Casche got a 9/10 on her weekly test, and gets 2dps. Alayia got an 8/10 on her test, and a bonus point for beinf the first to include the full reason for #5, so that's 3dp in total. Neila got a whopping 10/10 on her test, and a bonus dp for being the FIRST CADET EVER to get a perfect score on the weekly test. ^_^ Tomorrow I'll whip up an award for her to put in her room. I tracked down a few people from LiveJoural who like YH and invited them - it's finals week for many of us, so next week we may begin to see a few new faces.

May 1, 2006
Yet more updates! Celest got a 7/10 on her weekly test and one bonus point for a funny answer, so she got 3dps total. Eily got a 6/10 on her weekly test and one bonus point for a funny answer, so she got 3dps total. Casche got a 6/10 on her weekly test and one bonus point for a funny answer, so she got 3dps total. Neila got a whopping 9/10 on her weekly test and one bonus point for being the only one to include "Too Nice" in her chalice description, so she got 3dps total. New weekly test is up! Enjoy! Gorax's room is up. Eily's room is up. Neila's room is up. Trin's room is up. Reordered the links on the main page so it's a little more organized. Chancellor's Offices is up.

April 30, 2006
Updated Tom's room and bio. Tom gets one dp for turning in his room description. Added Mimma's birthday to the calendar. Mimma gets one dp for turning in her entry form, one for her chara bio form, and one for claiming a room. Added Mimma's room and bio. Updated Neila's room claim. Changed the background on the room pages - if you notice, it's the same design as the blankets. It took two days to make the design, so I hope you guys like it. Added a picture to Ty's room (Alayia gets a bonus dp for drawing it). Added a picture to Ruff Hall. Added Selene's room and bio. Added new work to gallery.

April 29, 2006
More updates! Added another picture to the gallery. Added Bryn's room and bio. Added Tom's room and bio. Added Casche's room and bio. Added Celest's room. Added Alayia's room, room pic, bio, and bio pic. Updated Alex and Eily's room claims. Added better explanation of dps to Hall of Records. Updated the drinking game at the Tavern.

April 27, 2006
Sorries about the delay, got a bit of a headache, but I'm getting over it and got a few more things updated! The maps of all of the dorms have been changed, and all dorms except for Herc Hall have a different floor plan. Please take the time to check them and confirm to me which room you want. Anywho... Been organizing the bio scrolls... every girl whose turned their scroll in except for Neila is afraid of spiders *snickers* Other things I've updated... Put up a new Weekly Test. Have fun! Updated the class list. Alayia got a 5.5/10 on the weekly test, and Tom got a 4.5/10, and they each listed a funny answer that got them one bonus point. Alayia, Casche, Nelia, Selene, and Tom all get one point for handing in their chara bio forms. Selene gets one point for turning in her entry form. Corrected the link to "What A Crockery" on my download page. Corrected the background to the chara bio page. Put up new maps on the dorm pages. That's it for tonight!

April 23, 2006
Hello all you lovely cadets! I've got a messload of updates for you! I added Ty's and Gorax's and Eily's birthdays to the calendar. Ty gets one dp for turning in her entry form, and three for organizing the stables so well and getting her room up. Achaea (IH 115) and Kalina (IH 117) have both claimed rooms, though RL won't let them be very active right now. There's rumors of a secret passage between their rooms. Added the Stables (it's under living quarters). Added Ty's room (the loft in the stables). Added a few more comments to the drinking game in the tavern. Added a new piece of art to the gallery. Added pics to the Mess Hall page. Eily gets one dp for turning in her entry form. Gorax gets one dp for turning in his entry form. Added pic to entry form. Casche gets 2 dp for getting an 8.5/10 on her weekly test. That's it for now, folks!

Told you I'd be back! And I updated more stuff! What stuff, you say? The forum! The links work and the threads are slightly more organized. Once a thread is commented on, it moves to the top of the list. G and tom get three dps each for their work on the Character Bio form. The character bio for is up! Please, everyone go fill it out and return it to me asap! A date has been set for the YHU's official grand re-opening: May 23. This, for you oldies who remember, is also the same day the original YHU first opened its doors. Please jot it down in your calendars and try to be around often that day. Gorax gets one dp for getting a 4.5/10 on his weekly test, and one bonus point for an answer that, though correct, was very inventive. Nelia gets one dp for turning in her entry form, and one dp for getting a 5.5/10 on her weekly test. Tune in tomorrow for more updates!

April 22, 2006
*Bryn stumbles in, her hair and clothes even more of a mess than usual. She's yawning and scratching her head.* Hiya. Got a few things done... Added picture to the Attendance Office. Found "Ryan Gosling" on MySpace. Not sure that it's Ryan and not a fan pretending to be him, but I put the link up on links page just in case. Tom gets one more dp for getting a 5/10 on the weekly test. Alex gets one dp for claiming Lilith Hall 103. Added new class: SC500- Ailments of the Godly Kind. Added the first three months of 07 on the calendar so we have a full year up, and everybody who've handed in their Entry forms should have their b-day on the calendar. Will probably be on later today to do some more work.

April 21, 2006
*Bryn strolls in, only one quill stuck in her hair, but her clothes are streaked with ink.* Yo! So many updates, so little time! ^_^ The calendar has been put up all the way to the end of the year, and a few birthdays are listed on it. The YHU Art Gallery is now up, and is proudly displaying several peices of beautiful art. Tom gets one dp for claiming a room (Hercules Hall 102) and one for turning in his entry form. Casche gets one dp for turning in her entry form. Celest got a 4 and two halves out of ten on her weekly exam which got her one dp. One of her answers, while not the answer I was looking for, it was particularly inventive and funny, so she gets a bonus dp point. Celest also gets a point for turning in her entry form. I also added another class - AC113: Underwater Basket Weaving. Doesn't that sound like fun? I've got to go, but I'll be back soon!

April 20, 2006
*Bryn bounces in, hyped up on that special bean-water drink Kora's been serving recently* Hi!!! I've been working really hard!!! ^_^! Already I've unformized the entry form and the weekly test, moved Nelia into Ioalus Hall 106, given Nelia a dp for claiming a room, added images to Iolaus and Jason and Herc Halls, added a credo to Herc Hall, and I maniped most of the images on the site to get rid of the WAM! icon. I think I did a good job if I do say so myself! I didn't bother worrying about the pic of Jason's castle on the main page, 'cause Alayia is drawing a pic of the Academy that will replace it. And the YHU Tavern is up with all the current contributions! *bounces happily* I gotta go, but I'll see you later! Have a good day!!!

April 19, 2006
Bryn again. Got a few more things done. Corrected the weekly test (one question was accidently repeated). Added several more rooms and a few new buildings to the campus map. Alayia has laid claim to Herc Hall room 108, and has recieved one dp for her claim. Alayia also recieved two dps for getting an 8/10 on her weekly test, and one bonus point for being the first to turn in her weekly test! Alayia also gets one more point for turning in her academy entry form.

April 18, 2006
*Bryn strolls in, the sawdust mostly cleaned off but her hair is still liberally streaked with ink, and several quills have been randomly stuck in her hair* Hiya! Got lots more stuff done today! Added a new class, AC111- How to accessorize your personal space with chalices. The Admissions Entry form is up. The weekly test has turned into an easy-to-fill-out form (but you still have to email it, click 'submit' and you'll see). The Bathroom is back up. Go write some graffiti on the walls! Disclaimers and Thank Yous is up. The Hall of Records is up. Ty, Eily, Casche, Celest, and I have 1 dp for claiming a room, Celest gets one extra point for being the first one to claim a room. Ty gets three for her html info website info she provided which has already been invaluble. Eily gets two points for her yh image help. Links page is up. Go, enjoy, check out the new stuff!

April 17, 2006
*Bryn stumbles into the room, tired but smiling. Her skin and clothes are covered in sawdust, and there's ink in her hair and scrolls under her arm* Greetings and salutations, and welcome back to the Young Hercules University! Bryn here. You may or may not have noticed that while the Chancellors have been away, the old YHU site disappeared. Due to a unanimous vote on the YHU Forum, I was elected to start the rebuilding of the YHU. I've been working all day and night to retrieve files and reformat them, and although there is still a lot of work left to be done, I am excited about what I've accomplished so far. There are no images up yet, but all the links should be working. The Calendar, Attendance records, Test, and Dorm listings should all be current and accurate. If you would like to help with the rebuilding, go hang out at the Forum or e-mail me!

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