As you climb the ladder to the loft, you notice an immediate difference. For starters, instead of wooden flooring and hay in this loft, the floor is covered by a soft, burgundy carpet. The walls have been painted a cream color. The windows, unlike the small gaping holes one usually sees in a loft, are tall, nearly the whole height of the wall, covered by glass. Directly in front of you is a large wardrobe, the contents of which can be seen because one of the doors is open: Scrolls, clothing, and various little jars of things. In one corner of the spacious area is a bed, with sheets matching the cream-and-burgundy coloring on the walls and floor.

Sprawled out on the bed, with her nose buried in a scroll, is a young, brown-haired woman. This is Ty, the 19-year-old daughter of Ares, and occupant of this fine room:


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She grew up living with her mother in her mother's homeland of Namorn. At age ten, she lost her mother when the village was attacked. Over the next several years, she lived with her (at the time) three pets: a horse called Jazmyn, a wolf called Leyton, and a falcon called Theo. Being as her closest companions were animals, she spoke to them on a regular basis. When she turned thirteen, the animals she talked to began talking back. Though she didn't understand it at first, she worked to develop that 'gift' as a hedgewitch called it.

During all of this, she made a living as a pickpocket. At age fifteen, she began working and studying at Cheiron's Academy. She left two years after she came there, leaving her pets behind and planning to go to Pofkim to pay homage to her mother's gods. However, halfway to Namorn, the ship she stowed away on was attacked by a slave trader ship. She spent a year and a half stuck on the ship, unwanted for anything.

At some point, she discovered that one of their next stops was Athens. As the ship drew nearer to the docks, she feigned her own death. The traders threw her overboard, just in case she had some illness that the other potential slaves could catch. She swam to shore, and began making her way back to the Academy. She arrived just short of her nineteenth birthday.

How did you wind up at the Academy?

After an attempt to pick the pocket of one Prince Jason of Corinth, Ty was brought to the Academy to work in the stables to pay off the debt, while at the same time trying to make it as a cadet.

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