Mess Hall

What is a Hoolie?
A Hoolie is an all-out food fight type of war. Every once in a while one will start, and each person writes their own short story of how to catch the other forum members off guard with a pie or two.
For example: (I am using nonexistant names)

Hooliegirl writes- "Hooliegirl grabs a nearby pie and hurls it at Hooligan. Hooligan ducks and the pie flies past, splutting Amazon in the face!" ---------------[} *splat!*
Amazon writes back- "Amazon wipes the pie from her face and picks up a handful of Jello. Before Hooliegirl can react, she finds the Jello down the front of her shirt, and she shrieks, trying to get it out."

Only they usually are a lot more creative!

Rules of Hoolieing
Hoolies are to be kept CLEAN (in a sense ). Only fresh, edible food products are allowed (nothing rotten and NO excrement's!) but the messier the merrier!
Gods, Godesses and the like, PLEASE try to limit the use of powers in Hoolies to make things fair. Levitation, invisibility and things like that are all right. (It's not fair to zap youself out of the way of an oncoming pie, though, you'll have to just plain duck like the rest of us!) there's no exact rule, but just watch yourself. It's up to you to keep things fun!

There is no trash talk allowed, Hoolies hardly have any words in them, anyway. It's all the actions that count! Hoolies are only in fun, not to be used to 'get back' at someone you don't like. If you would not like to join one, please ask to back out. Do not be insulted if someone writes about them hitting you with food, write about your revenge and have fun doing it!

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