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Academy Info
Mascot - Ruff
School colors - Tan, Green and Navy Blue, Maroon
School Motto - Live, Love, Laugh & Hoolie
keyThe YHU Crest
The Scroll represents Knowledge and Truth.
The Sword represents Strength and Responsibility.
The Daccuda Wreath represents Loyalty and Honor.
The Pie represents Skills, Hoolies, and Iolaus' appetite!
The middle picture represents all our fangirlish appreciation over the hot actors and actresses in the show ^_~ After all, We watch for the plot. Why do you watch?

List of faculty and staff of YHU
Active Chancellors- Tern, Bryn, Gorax
Retired Chancellors- Aura, Euterpe, Thalia
Nurse - Barb
Tavern Keeper - Tern
Rebuilder/Librarian - Bryn
Forum Mods - Chancellors and Ty

About the Academy
The Academy, also called YHU (Young Hercules University) for short, is based on another school called Deb U. Deb U is a school of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys fans who each have their own character to play. YHU is a school of Young Hercules fans who love to be devious and have fun! YHU is a place to express yourself and let your imagination run wild! It's a place to be as devious as you can be and run after your heroes! Due to the shortage of Heroes in "Young Hercules" we are allowing characters from H:TLJ to join us on campus. We have no strict classes here, only pure mischievous fun! Be as devious as you want to be, and you can get away with it! Deb U is known for its deviousness, and soon YHU can be too!

Role Playing Characters
Each person creates their own character, set in the same time and place as 'Hercules'. In other words, you are essentially like a character on the show. Same type of outfits and everything. We try to keep it the same, we're not supposed to have electricity or anything from this century, that's what makes it funny when we have it once in a while, crossed with what they had then! (Like there can be a '3 chariot pileup' on the road, or something like that) We can have electricity, but try not to write about cars or phones or anything like that too much, and there are no guns. There can be semi-automatic crossbows, but no guns! Since Hercules is a fantasy-type show, pretty much anything can happen. Your pet can be a griffin or a two headed hydra, and you can be able to shoot fire from you're fingertips if you'd like! Try to decide pretty much what you are after you've been at the forum for a while, (you can change a little) but if you suddenly become a God after you've told everyone you're a mortal, it may get confusing!

At YHU we are each students, lead by the Chancellors. Our job is to be as devious as possible and have fun doing it! Anything is allowed, as long as it's within the YHU code of conduct.

All the heroes (From 'Young Hercules' and 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys') will be allowed to roam campus, but for the shortage of heroes in YH, no one is allowed to keep one hero to his/herself. They are allowed to write a story with the two of them together, but they can't keep one hero strictly to themselves (being married/engaged to them, or being their only partner is not fair to anyone else) They can show up places with them, but cannot only have him/her to his/herself all the time. (We have to sh***!)

Names, titles, gender
Anyone and everyone at the forum who is female is called an Amazon, and any male is a Hunter. (Iolaus is the 'golden-haired hunter' at Deb U) It is not a title or status, it is a gender. This does NOT mean you are a tribal Amazon, all it means is that you're a female. Goddesses, Muses, peasants, royalty, any female is called an Amazon. Now if you're actually a tribal Amazon, you can let people know by a title.
As for titles, these are little excerpts you can write below your name. They can be anything you want, but please be careful of what you write. Here are examples of some of my titles: (Don't make fun!) They can also be titles of what clubs you're in, and any title you hold in that club, as well as your YHU level.

Goddess of Unrequited Love
YHU Chancellor
Minion of Aphrodite
Mistress of Ares
Friend and Fellow YHU Cadet
She Who Walks Into Walls
Pyromatic Pessimistic Procrastinator
Restorer of the Lost Young Herc Episodes
YHU Rebuilder and Librarian

They are usually signed below your name in your posts if you have time. (I usually cut and paste them when I put them in) Do not write anything that may place you above others in a way they will not like, (as in "Iolaus' #1 Amazon" and such). All in all the titles will accumulate, trust me! Once we have more clubs to join you'll have more titles to be proud of!

When writing a story or short paragraph of your character, it is highly recommended that your write about yourself in third person. This eliminates confusion, and makes everything more fun.
You are allowed to write about another person's character, but they are allowed to ask you not to. (In which case you may not) You are NOT allowed to do anything with another person's character that is degrading or in any way something that you would not let be done to you. (Even in Hoolies)

Code of conduct
There are to be NO put-downs, making fun of anyone, or anything mean in anyway or it may lead to that student becoming expelled. This is all in fun, and we won't let anyone spoil it for us! We're all here to make each other laugh and have a great time, so enjoy yourself! Of someone is bothering you in any way, please come to the Chancellors right away and we will have everything taken care of. (Remember the golden rule!)

Promotions will be given out once or twice a year (the Chancellors will decide when) in which the students who are still active (meaning still there, you won't have to be there every day. Just show up once in a while and you're ok!) members will be promoted up a level. If the Chancellors feel they deserve it for hard work, one or two students can get promoted two levels. Bribes are always welcome to bring promotion time nearer, or to get special favors from the Chancellors (since they're in charge). A bribe would be a short story (anywhere from a paragraph to a couple of pages) in which you give the Chancellors something, or somehow make them happier. For example, 'giving' them (it's only online, nothing real) something for their offices, bowing down and/or complementing them, the best would be writing a short story of them on a romantic date with their favorite hero! Anything helps, you never know what good it might bring!

As for some symbols used, (Most of you know them already, but here they are anyway)
*g* means grin
*bg* big grin
*wg* wide grin and so on!
*s* is smile
LOL laugh out loud
LMAO Laugh my a** off
Sh*** is NOT a bad word, it's a word forbidden by Iolausians to say. It means two or more people have the same thing. (I can't say it!)
{{{{{person's name}}}}} is giving that person a hug
*this* can be describing an action while you're talking. (For example: "I guess that's okay *shrug* whatever you'd like!")
<*These are used instead of quotation marks if someone is speaking telepathically*>
If there are any more to be added don't hesitate to send them in!

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