You are wandering the hall in the Chancellors' mansion. Why you are here, I do not know. Perhaps you have a question or a bribe for one of the Chancellors, or are attempting to set one of them up for a prank, or maybe you just didn't feel like going to class and opted to go exploring the Academy instead.

     A door with an odd sign on it catches your attention. You stare at the sign for a few seconds, trying to make sense of it. There appears to be a word on the upper part of the sign, but you cannot decipher it because one, the word has been crossed out, and two, you can tell that the handwriting beneath the lines was amazingly poor. It started with a B, or was it a D? It doesn't matter. Directly below the word is a crude drawing of a broom.

     "Broom closet?" you think to yourself as you look at the door. This door is way too big and fancy to be the gate to a simple broom closet. Something is definitely wrong here. You lift the sign up to discover another sign--the real sign--nailed to the door. "Gorax's Office" you read out loud.

     Silly Gorax, you think as you push open the door, Probably thinks he can dodge responsibilities by hiding his office. Once inside the room, you realize that you didn't even need to speak to Gorax to begin with. Fortunately for you, Gorax is not in his office at the moment. Not that he would have been angry, or at least you don't think he would have, but you didn't necessarily feel like dealing with the embarassment of entering his office for no reason. But since you have never seen his office before, you decide to stick around for a few minutes and have a look.

     The first things that catch your attention are the windows, or lack thereof. The two windows in the room seem to be covered by a thick piece of wood. As far as you're concerned, rooms without windows suck, so why would Gorax go through the trouble of putting a big sheet of wood to cover them up? Upon further inspection, you realize that the boards can be lifted to allow the light in, but they can only be opened from the inside. Nice curtains. You wonder why Gorax takes so many precautions to keep his office safe; it's not like he keeps anything of value in this room anyway. You also find it ironic that his door was unlocked.

     Your gaze moves to Gorax's desk, which is as unimpressive as any. The wooden desk is littered with papers of all kinds, and the parts of it that aren't covered in paper, half-eaten food, or miscellaneous junk have little drawings carved into them. As you look at this desk, you figure that Gorax must get bored easily. You decide to be nice and organize his desk a little bit. Nothing too extreme, just putting all the papers in neat piles on the corner, stuffing all the junk in one of the drawers, and throwing away what was left of some beef ribs which, for some reason, were left on top of his desk.

     You search for the trash can. It isn't next to the desk where it should have been. Instead, it is a few feet away, upside down on the floor. This makes you curious, so you walk over to have a look. As you make your way to the trash can, you realize how empty this office is. Only the bare necessities are present; a desk, a large chair, and a few shelves, the latter containing much more junk than books. You spot a few oddities among the junk on the shelves, such as animal skulls, rocks, little statues, sharp objects, and more.

     "Right," you say to yourself as you bring your attention back to the trash can. You flip it over on its good side in order to return it to the side of Gorax's desk where it belongs, but before doing so, you stare at what the can was covering: A scorch mark on the rug. You remember that Gorax has been known to accidentaly light things up every now and again, so this strikes you as funny more than shocking. At least he was smart enough to use the can to put out the fire, you think. Gorax's mental abilities were sometimes... Questioned.

     You put the can (which looks more like a battered mop bucket) back beside the desk and proceed with clearing the rest of the clutter on the desk. You put all the papers on one corner like you originally planned to do. You then look for an empty drawer in the desk in which to put the rest of the clutter. The first drawer is full. The second one... You jump back as you spot the large cockroach in the second drawer.

     "What in Tartarus?" It takes you a few seconds to take in what you are seeing. This drawer's other contents, besides the disgusting insect, consist of a miniature house, bed, couch, table, and chairs. "By the gods... A doll house for this thing?" you say in disbeleif. Although you think this is repulsing, you have to give Gorax credit; the miniature furniture was pretty well made. He never did strike you as the artsy type. You quickly close the second drawer and stuff the clutter in the third one without even looking at its contents. You figure that you don't need anymore nasty surprises. Satisfied with your quick cleaning job, you wipe your hands and exit the office.

     Before you can close the door behind you, you are engulfed by a shadow. You look up to see Gorax's near seven foot frame standing a few feet away. The look on his slightly inhuman face is questioning.

     "Uhh... What are you doing here?" He asks nervously.

     Great. The gigantic poster boy for paranoia whose office you were just snooping around in is now standing in front of you. The fact that he is also carrying a massive axe in his right hand is not very settling, either. Think fast!

     "Whoa, you just popped out of nowhere," you say with a tinge of nervousness mixed with releif. Releif, because you realize that even though Gorax could look scary, he probably wouldn't hurt you... Probably. As you calm down, you realize that you still haven't answered his question. "I was looking for a broom. Silly me knocked over a potted plant," you explain with a smile. "There was a picture of a broom on this door, so I assumed it was a broom closet."

     Gorax freezes. Caught in his own trap. You are perfectly calm now, and somehow manage not to laugh at the whole situation and the Oh, shit! look on his face.

     "A picture of a broom?" he says after letting the gears in his head grind for a few seconds. He fakes a look of confusion as he closes his office door and pretends to see the sign for the first time. "Ehh, how'd that get here?" He unhooks the broom picture from the door and throws it down the hall. "Must have been put there by some prankster," he adds, rolling his eyes.

     Good save, Gorax, good save, you think. Now there is a tense silence, and you realize that he will probably wonder why the stuff on his desk has been moved. You made up the story about knocking over a plant, but you figure that telling the truth can't hurt either.

     "...So I opened the door and hey, look at that! An office!" you continue. "I noticed the desk was, well, you know, pretty messy, so I thought I'd clean it up a little bit. I hope you don't mind."

     "Okay..." he says, and continues after a short pause "If you really want to clean up, though, you should head to the kitchen. I just got back from there. Did you know that those barbecue sauce bottles have a range of up to twelve feet?" He was trying to be funny now, which was a good sign. Of course, he was probably wondering why someone would pick up after him for no reason like that, and you realize that he would probably go search through his stuff to make sure nothing was missing anyway, but he seemed to beleive your explanation. You decide to have some fun with him a little.

     "Oh, and one more thing," you ask, pointing at his axe "why are you carrying that thing around?" You figure that he was probably only carrying it out of habit and had no good explanation, but you liked to push his buttons. Everyone did. As expected, he froze again and tried to think of an explanation.

     "I have axe fingernails." He finally stated. "Axe fingernails..."


     "You're crazy," you chuckle "but that's why everyone likes you." Still smiling, you walk around Gorax, who simply nods. You continue down the hallway, and Gorax enters his office.

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