Clutter! Lots of clutter! A large desk is piled high with scrolls, some open, jars of ink, quill pens, and empty bottles that read Berry Madness. Two of the walls are lined with shelves filled with scrolls and odd looking leather bound collections of paper. A small cauldron with smoke seeping out the top sits on a top shelf. Another shelf is filled with various small bottles in different colors, none labeled. Bizarre looking objects pickedup from time travels fill another shelf. Some look downright scary.

A bizarre looking plant has taken over one corner of the room and its leafy arms seem to move a lot. Often towards whoeverís standing opposite Ternís chair, which is the only thing not covered in junk.

The window is usually open. The walls not covered in shelves boast pictures of the old days, paintings of sparring cadets, and a plaque bearing YHU Fan Fiction Best Story 1998 for Jasonís Heart. Thereís a picture of Tern and Pelee, her darker skinned twin sister.

To the side is a door marked NO ENTRY. Could this be the secret lab??

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