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Weekly Test #15 (12/19/06):

Question 1: What does Iolaus's bodypaint make him represent?
   The male in the Amazon culture. (Ep: Amazon Grace)
Question 2: What was a premeditated malicious attack on a despised authoritator?
   Iolaus knocking Fiducious into a water trough as he, Herc, and Jason ran out of the Academy. (Ep: Teacher's Pests)
Question 3: What gift did most people buy Jason for his corination?
   A blender. (Ep: My Fair Lilith)
Question 4: What is the cute gimmick at Kora's?
   Serving the customers. (Ep: Teacher's Pests)
Question 5: What is the one thing Iolaus looks for in a party?
   Girls. ("You said girls, right? I'm there.") (Ep: Lure of the Lyre)
Question 6: What did Hercules do (with Hephestus's help) that made him a prank day legend?
   He turns a bed into a catapult. (Ep: Get Jason)
Question 7: Why do the heroes miss the harvest festival?
   They have to go to Athens for a new cook. (Ep: Girl Trouble)
Question 8: What happens at a Corintian Surprise Party?
   The host surprises the guests.. (Ep: Keeping Up With the Jasons)
Question 9: How do Hera's followers celebrate the Equinox?
   They try to sacrifice Hercules. (FF Ep: By Any Other Name)
Question 10: What is it traditional to do with your peas during a Feast of Persephone (or so Jason claims)?
   Leave a few on the plate in the shape of a star. (Ep: Home For the Holidays)

Scores: 8/10 - Alex; 7/10 - Casche, Neila.

Interesting Answers:
Alex, to #9: By weeding the garden she will be puttering in when Strife becomes top god.

Casche, to #10: Flick them at people you don't like's heads.


Weekly Test #14 (12/4/06):

Question 1: What does Strife dress up as to give the basalisk to Jason?
   The Babylonian Sibyl. (Ep: A Serpent's Tooth)
Question 2: Who teaches Jason some rope tricks?
   Lucius masquerading as a man named Theodore. (Ep: Mommy Dearest)
Question 3: The last time Hercules heard that urban myth, it was a _______ and a __________ in an ___________.
   farm boy, peasant girl, ox cart. (Ep: Amazon Grace)
Question 4: Where is Iolaus going to be a king someday?
   He's just waiting for the right kingdom to come along. (Ep: Forgery)
Question 5: How does Jason settle the cow dispute among his subjects?
   He gives the cow to one guy and gives the other guy a cow from the royal herd. (Ep: A Serpent's Tooth)
Question 6: Who took a little oil from Heraís temple to keep his sick kid warm?
   Rowab. (Ep: Herc's Nemisis)
Question 7: What is a formula for fun or a recipe for disaster?
   Three young men left in charge of an inn. (Ep: Inn Trouble)
Question 8: Which Amazon had a sign from Ares in her dreams about where the tribe could settle?
   Simula.. (Ep: Amazon Grace)
Question 9: How does Hercules save Iolaus from the training dummy?
   By giving Iolaus's hair a trim. (Ep: Down and Out in Academy Hills)
Question 10: Where we goin' on the break?
   Northern Lands, 'cause they're great! (Ep: Cold Feet)

Scores: 10/10 - Casche, Neila; 8/10 - Dea.


Weekly Test #13 "Strife's Test" (9/11/06):
Bryn's note: This test was written and graded by Strife.

Question 1: Who totally whooped Hercules' heiny on a boat in a lake where the loser trio were fising?
   Me! Strife! Well, yeah, I looked like Ares, but it was totally me! (Ep: Ares on Trial)
Question 2: Who's in line to be the next God of War?
   Discord thought it would be her, but it would so be me! Even Dweebules thinks so! (Ep: Ares on Trial)
Question 3: Who made saftey-pins phat?
   Me! C'mon, you wanna dress like the God of Strife too, don'tcha?
Question 4: What will Hera be going when Strife is the King of the Gods?
   Taking care of the garden, and trying to cheer up a little. (Ep: Battle Lines I)
Question 5: Who's going to become the next and most awesome Major God?
   Me, duh!
Question 6: Where is Strife's temple?
   I don't have one... YET! Why don't you go build me one right now? (Ep: The Golden Bow)
Question 7: What is Strife's favorite mortal food?
   Alcemene's lemonade, double-double Ambrosia with a side of fries, and grapes fed to me by phat women!
Question 8: What did Strife take from Kora as 'something to remember her by'?
   Artemis' bow.. (Ep: The Golden Bow)
Question 9: What do you have to do to become a real god?
   Dare what no god has dared before - destroy a mortal son of Zeus. (Ep: Treasure of Zeus I)
Question 10: What is the most boring thing ever?
   Confessing! (Ep: Between Friends)

Scores: 8/10 - Casche, Dea; 5/10 - Neila; 4/10 - Celest, Alex.

Interesting Answers:
Casche, to #6: Duuuude. Strife has a temple? It must be in his dreams.

Celest, to #6: In the room marked "Brooms" in Ares's temple. Way in the back.


Weekly Test #12 "Ares Test" (8/30/06):

Question 1: What is Ares doing the first time you see him (in the TV show, not the movie)?
   Fighting a floating sword and suit of armor. (Ep: Treasure of Zeus 1)
Question 2: Name one of Ares' favorite groups of people.
   Amazons. (Ep: Battle Lines II)
Question 3: What are the names of Ares' two main minions?
   Strife and Discord.
Question 4: What god owed Ares a favor?
   Ceres, who traded it for a favor from Morpheus. (Ep: In Your Dreams)
Question 5: What is the name of the guy who looks like Ares?
   Timor. (Ep: Con Ares)
Question 6: What drink does Alcemene make that Ares likes?
   Lemonade. (Ep: What A Crockery)
Question 7: What hangs on the walls in Ares' temple?
   Swords and shields.
Question 8: Why was Ares brought before a tribunal?
   He was accused of the attempted murder in defiance of Zeusís protection order of Hercules.. (Ep: Ares on Trial)
Question 9: Who did Ares' priests see defiling his temple?
   Hercules, supposedly, but it was probably just something Strife made up. (Ep: Ares on Trial)
Question 10: What monarch of Corinth did Ares pretend to be?
   Pelius, King Aesonís brother. (YH Movie)

Scores: 10/10 - Neila; 9/10 - Casche; 7/10 - Alex.


Weekly Test #11 (7/17/06):

This test was a poll, and can be found here. Everyone who participated got three points.

Participants: Celest, Casche, Alex, Dea, Aimee, Tern, Neila.


Weekly Test #10 (7/3/06):

Question 1: Who is the most dangerous gang of thieves around?
   The Lowacks. (Ep: Herc and Seek)
Question 2: Who doesn't know that Iolaus can't cook?
   The Telaquire Amazons. (Ep: Girl Trouble)
Question 3: What should all of Olympus knows about by morning?
   Hercules thumped a god. (Ep: Between Friends)
Question 4: Who is usually not so calm around strangers?
   Bear, Alcemene's dog. (Ep: What a Crockery)
Question 5: Who doesn't care about the glory?
   Iolaus. (Ep: The Treasure of Zeus I)
Question 6: Why do you gotta leave when it's dark?
   So they won't see you. (Ep: Herc and Seek)
Question 7: What tickles?
   Reaching down Iolaus' vest. (Ep: Girl Trouble)
Question 8: Life should have a little ________, don't you think?
   Mystery.. (Ep: Between Friends)
Question 9: Who should be in Carthage?
   Zared and his men. (Ep: Girl Trouble)
Question 10: Who's the "Real Hero"?
   The training dummy. (Ep: Herc and Seek)

Scores: 10/10 - Casche; 6/10 - Neila.


Weekly Test #9 (06/27/06):

Question 1: "Try to be subtle."
   Ares. (Ep: What A Crockery)
Question 2: "In fact- it could be on this very path."
   Iolaus. (Ep: Amazon Grace)
Question 3: "Let me kiss your feet."
   Hercules. (Ep: The Mysteries of Life)
Question 4: "What?! Like this is all my fault."
   Iolaus. (Ep: Girl Trouble)
Question 5: "Is this about the parsley?"
   Iolaus. (Ep: Inn Trouble)
Question 6: "Did I forget to tell you about the fire?"
   Cradus. (Ep: Herc and Seek)
Question 7: "Hey, didya get the whole 'getting shot-at-with-an-arrow' straightened out?"
   Jason. (Ep: Herc's Nemisis)
Question 8: "Wait. That's my money."
   Iolaus.. (Ep: Mommy Dearest)
Question 9: "You're just a bunch of stinkin' cowards!"
   Iolaus. (Ep: Ares on Trial)
Question 10: "Let's see if he's the hotshot big Daddy says he is."
   Jason. (Ep: Teacher's Pests)

Scores: No one turned this test in.


Weekly Test #8 (06/05/06):

Question 1: Whose hair will come back?
   Stregna. (Ep: Herc's Nemisis)
Question 2: What is inside Zeus' green chalice?
   A cyclone. (YH Movie)
Question 3: What does Lilith break with her fan?
   A vase. (Ep: My Fair Lilith)
Question 4: How do cadets get into the Academy during off hours?
   By pressing a set of half-concealed carvings in the proper combination. (FF Ep: Two Halves Don't Make A Whole)
Question 5: What is the name of the Constable?
   Tarsus. (Ep: Between Friends, Inn Trouble)
Question 6: What creature is forbiddon to be killed in Hera's valley?
   Peacocks. (Ep: Valley of the Shadows)
Question 7: Who said, "The desperate will follow anything in rage and anger, no matter what their loved ones tell them"?
   Medusa. (FF Ep: The Enemy Within II)
Question 8: How do Hercules and Lucius meet?
   Lucius helps him fight some bandits.. (Ep: Dad Always Liked Me Best)
Question 9: What could Lilith have killed Hercules with?
   A poisoned waterskin. (Ep: No Way Out)
Question 10: What is the name of the guy who looks exactly like Ares?
   Timor. (Ep: Con Ares)

Scores: 6/10 - Casche, Alex.


Weekly Test #7 (05/29/06):

Question 1: Who rigged the water bucket gag on prank day?
   Lilith. (Ep: Get Jason)
Question 2: What is the name of Kora's dishwasher?
   Leonidas. (Ep: Between Friends.)
Question 3: Which is Ares' favorite of the three Furies?
   Alecto. (FF Ep: The Enemy Within I)
Question 4: What does Hephestus make out of Kora's silverware?
   A little mechanical guy banging on an anvil. (Ep: Cyrano de Hercules)
Question 5: What reward does Iolaus get for being the most improved student?
   Getting stuck with Feducious as a tutor. (Ep: Cram-ped)
Question 6: When does Hercules remark that he should have brought marshmallows?
   After he makes it through a hallway of firetraps. (YH Movie)
Question 7: What is inside Zeus' red chalice?
   A flammible liquid that looks like water. (Ep: The Treasure of Zeus)
Question 8: What kind of challenge did Iolaus and Jason set up to decide who got to go after Lilith?
   A test of skill involving bouncing a ball off various surfaces. (Ep: Girl Trouble)
Question 9: What is another name for "landlubber's folly"?
   The Odysseus maneuver. (FF Ep: Two Halves Don't Make A Whole)
Question 10: What does a random girl at a club think Iolaus was lying about?
   Being a top cadet at Cheiron's Academy. (Ep: Forgery)

Scores: 8/10 - Neila; 5/10 - Alex.


Weekly Test #6 "YHU Reopening" (5/22/06):

Question 1: Who is the YHU mascot?
   Ruff, the basilisk. (
Main Office)
Question 2: What is a Hoolie?
   An all-out food fight type of war. (Mess Hall)
Question 3: How many dps can you earn by turning in your room description?
   1 dp. (Hall of Records)
Question 4: Who lives in Iolaus Hall room 107?
   Neila. (Iolaus Hall)
Question 5: What are the YHU's school colors?
   Tan, Green and Navy Blue, Maroon. (Main Office)
Question 6: What is Alayia's philosophy of life?
   No day but today! Sort of a Carpe Diem, if you will! (Alayia's Bio)
Question 7: What building is north of Lilith Hall?
   The Music Room. (Campus Map)
Question 8: What is leaning against Eily's bed?
   A lute.. (Eily's Room)
Question 9: What is YHU's motto?
   Live, Love, Laugh & Hoolie! (Main Office)
Question 10: What is the correct answer to Question 9 on the exam given the week of 04/17/06?
   Mushroom picking. (Previous Weekly Exams)

Scores: 10/10 - Alex, Neila, Casche, Celest; 9/10 - Alayia.

Interesting Answers:
Neila, to #2: Itís a food fight, but itís not just a food fight, itís an all out, get anyone and everyone you can totally coat in any type of goop you can find.

Celest, to #2: A hoolie is an excellent way to relieve the stress in your life caused by either certain cadets who shall remain nameless *cou* Tom *ghs* or from the pressures of just being a student and having to survive God attacks almost every other day of the week. It is taking anything at hand that is biodegradable and tossing it at the nearest cadet (not yourself of course even though that would be the nearest cadet) and splatting them right in the face. You get 10 points for a direct splat, 7 for half of the face, and 5 if you hit the torso which is the biggest part of most people. Some people have bigger arms but you still don't get anything for hitting them there.


Weekly Test #5 (05/15/06):

Question 1: Who is the King of Athens?
   Theseus. (Ep: Amazon Grace)
Question 2: Name the cadet who got painted blue on prank day.
   Flavus. (Ep: Get Jason)
Question 3: What character did Ian Hughes play?
   Autolycus. (FF Ep: Love, Larceny, and Lies I)
Question 4: What is the name of Feducious' son?
   Pythias. (Ep: Teacher's Pests)
Question 5: What is the name of Lilith's sister?
   Neina. (Ep: Parents' Day)
Question 6: What are Sera's favorite kind of stories?
   Amazon stories. (FF Ep: The Pains of a Family I)
Question 7: Which three gods were on the tribunal for Ares' trial?
   Hephestus, Athena, and Apollo. (Ep: Ares on Trial)
Question 8: Name the episode where Hercules sways his head back and forth while snapping his fingers in front of his face (Hint: two seconds later he says "Amen sister" to Lilith).
   "Get Jason" - when Herc, Iolaus, and Lilith are in the gym planning pranks.. (Ep: Get Jason)
Question 9: What is (probably) Lucius' favorite food?
   Goat stew. (Ep: Mommy Dearest)
Question 10: List a time when a dorm bed was occupied by something other than a cadet.
   When it had a skeleton, and when it had a dummy filled with a hornet's nest. (Eps: The Skeptic and Get Jason, respectively)

Scores: 9/10 - Alex; 8/10 - Neila; 7/10 - Casche.


Weekly Test #4 (05/8/06):

Question 1: What does Herc want to do, "like Zeus"?
   Devour life, like there's a fire inside him. (Ep: Forgery)
Question 2: Why does Ares owe one to Morpheus?
   For shooting a hole in his dreamboat. (Ep: In Your Dreams)
Question 3: Who tells Jason that Medusa's head can undo a god's curse?
   Ares, pretending to be a servant at the castle. (FF Ep: The Enemy Within I)
Question 4: What is the name of the island Discord lures the cadets to?
   Ithra. (YH Movie)
Question 5: What does Kora's new bean-water need?
   Cinnamon. (Ep: Down and Out in Academy Hills)
Question 6: What does Hercules sing, and who does he sing with? (Note: I want an answer _not_ from the ep "The Prize")
   He sings with Gregor: "Ursa Major Ursa Minor how could anything be finer with Polaris? Pegasus and draco they will fly across Corona Borealis." (Ep: Cram-Ped)
Question 7: Name the gang who kidnapped Iolaus for Hera's equinox ceremony.
   Junior Corinthian Division of the Hades' Titans. (FF Ep: By Any Other Name)
Question 8: What kind of creature did Cleo make out of a lemon?
   A mouse.. (Ep: Sisters)
Question 9: What did Mila make to give to her father?
   A leather medallion-style necklace. (Ep: Mila)
Question 10: What is the name of the actor chosen to play Iphicles?
   Stewart Turner. (FF Ep: Two Halves Don't Make a Whole)

Scores: 10/10 - Casche; 9/10 - Neila; 7/10 - Alex.

Interesting Answers:
Alex, to #1: Bake a cherry pie.

Alex, to #4: Isle of Bliss and Dancing Girls.


Weekly Test #3 (05/1/06):

Question 1: What is Fatsus god of?
   God of Unwelcome Prophesies. (Ep: The Skeptic)
Question 2: Why is it not fun to cook fish and feta popovers?
   Your hands stink for a week. (Ep: Home For The Holidays)
Question 3: Who did Discord pretend to be to start a war between the Amazons and the Centaurs?
   Simula. (Ep: Battle Lines I)
Question 4: There are (#) tribes of Amazons.
   12. (Ep: Girl Trouble)
Question 5: How did Eurydice "work it all out" with Bacchus?
   She agreed to marry him to save Herc's life. (Ep: Lyre Liar)
Question 6: What quality does Ares not like, that Alcemene has?
   Spunk. (Ep: What A Crockery)
Question 7: "The tree that grows on the stoniest ground...
   ...has the strongest roots." (Ep: The Treasure of Zeus)
Question 8: What does Herc, Lilith, or Jason say is one good reason to fight?
   Over a kingdom, for a noble cause, or to stop outlaws.. (Ep: Keeping Up With The Jasons)
Question 9: What was the boys' reward for returning Artemis' food offering?
   A money melon. (Ep: Inn Trouble)
Question 10: List one thing that Kora can do, that Hercules cannot.
   Turn into the Huntress, run an Inn successfully, and pick up a chair. (Eps: Golden Bow, Inn Trouble, and The Skeptic, respectively)

Scores: 10/10 - Neila; 9/10 - Casche; 8/10 - Ty, Alayia.


Weekly Test #2 (04/24/06):

Question 1: How many years did it take Ares to get two peices of the Cronos Stone?
   Eight hundred years. (Ep: The Prize)
Question 2: How did Alcemene describe Zeus' chalice?
   Too nice, ruby red, glittery. (Ep: What A Crockery)
Question 3: What was Ares' security system that Hercules almost didn't beat?
   A giant snake. (YH Movie)
Question 4: Cyane is the leader of the ______ Amazon tribe.
   Telaquire (Ep: Girl Trouble)
Question 5: List one synonym of "phat", according to Strife.
   'phat'. A real Persephone, fly, dope, def, or groovy. (Ep: What A Crockery)
Question 6: What is Jason's favorite food?
   Fish and feta popovers. (Ep: Home for the Holidays, My Fair Lilith)
Question 7: What is the hardest part of the Academy?
   The ground. (Ep: The Treasure of Zeus)
Question 8: What did Iolaus make for Lilith's Daccuda party?
   A big collection of pink things, including a stuffed pig.. (Ep: No Way Out)
Question 9: Who was the first female cadet at the Academy?
   Yvenna. (YH Movie)
Question 10: What is (probably) the correct answer to number twelve?
   Pandora's Box. (Ep: Ares on Trial)

Scores: 9/10 - Neila; 7/10 - Celest; 6/10 - Casche, Eily; 5.5/10 - Alayia; 4.5 - Tom.

Interesting Answers:
Celest, to #2: Hehe. His chalice. Oh so clever there Miss Bryn! Wanted me to write about his chalice. No one talks about the chalice. Oh no, not even Alcemene. She wouldn't dare reveal what his father's chalice looks like. And quite frankly, I am surprised that Ares knew what it looked like. I expected Hera to know but Ares? Oh my god in Olympus! Oh, you mean his "Ruby red" chalice eh? At least that's how Alcemene describes it. To certain people.

Eily, to question #7: Finding cute stuff to wear to parties in between being attacked by vengeful relatives of Hercules, styding for tests, and all that hero-training stuff Cheiron seems so keen on.

Eily, to #10: Long, curly, and strangely magnetic, in response to, "Please describe Iolaus' hair and the source of his powers."

Alayia, to #10: Um? Hydra jerky?

Tom, to #10: 42, it is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Celest, to #10: The answer to number twelve is the answer to number 10. And number 10 is number 7 followed by 2. But remember not to get 4 and 5 confused because those are the answers to 17 and 21 respectively. Number 1 is never repeated hence it being number one. Simple mathematic problem.


Weekly Test #1 (04/17/06):

Question 1: What are the three ideals that the Dacuuda awards?
   Honor, skill, loyalty. (Ep: Keeping Up With The Jasons)
Question 2: How did Hercules send secret messages as a kid?
   By using soap to write on a mirror (Ep: Cram-ped)
Question 3: Complete this saying: "Balance is ____".
   Key. (YH Movie)
Question 4: What was Strife's fake name when he posed as a cadet?
   Nyusus Guyus (Ep: Treasure of Zeus)
Question 5: What was the side effect of the healing postion Iolaus makes?
   It itches. (Ep: Ill Wind)
Question 6: Who is Mila's father?
   Not Ares/Not a god/An unknown mortal man. (Ep: Mila)
Question 7: Where is Iolaus' father fighting in a war?
   Cyrillia (Ep: Cram-ped)
Question 8: What did Orpheus steal from Baccus?
   His golden lyre. (Ep: Lure of the Lyre)
Question 9: What is an excellent way to build character?
   Mushroom picking. (Ep: No Way Out)
Question 10: What did Lilith hear that Herc and Iolaus didn't?
   An amazon call. (Ep: Ill Wind)

Scores: 8.5/10 - Casche; 8/10 - Alayia; 5.5/10 - Nelia; 5/10 - Tom, Celest; 4.5/10 - Gorax.

Interesting Answers:
Celest, to #10: Screams from her village from when she was a child and it was attacked and she hid in the corner like a wimp.

Gorax, to #1:
- Bragging rights.
- They grant you access to in the VIP room at Kora's.
- You can exchange them for candy.

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