Greek Chicken Dish by Aimee

i dunno what this is called, but i made it last night.

you need:

1 ltr of greek yoghurt
1 cucumber
small bunch of dill
three carrots
3 chicken breasts
sun dried tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
potatoes, with skin
leaves (i had to use spring onion leaves cos i didn't have anything else... the council uses a lot of pesticides, so they would be unsafe to use)
salt, pepper and garlic salt

pre-heat the oven on a low heat (our oven is really cute, and it doesn't have numbers on it, so i don't know what gas mark...)

peel the cucumber, and cut a quarter off. dice the quarter really finely, and put into a bowl. do the same with the dill, and then pour the yoghurt into the same bowl, mixing it with the cucumber.

decorate with the leaves.

cut the rest of the cucumber down the middle, and then into sticks. you can take the seeds out if you want.

peel the carrots, and cut them also into sticks. put the green and orange veg in a bowl. take the cherry tomatoes and put them into the same bowl. then wash the lot - you could this before if you want.

cut the chicken into strips, and then shallow fry them in a frying pan until golden brown.

once cooked put them into a oven proof dish, and sprinkle on pepper, salt and garlic salt. place foil over the top of the dish and put it in the oven to keep warm.

wash the potatoes, but don't peel them. cut them into wedges.

fry them in a deep fat fryer until golden brown.

put everything on the table, and put the sun dried tomatoes in a seperate bowl.

once table is set, food can be eaten.

the greek yog thing is a dip for the shick, and veg sticks.

best thing about it, no one can complain and say it wasn't un-healthy!

(this went down with my family a lot better than i though it would, and way better than italian night went down a few weeks ago. my little sister, who never tires anything new, had third helpings... so i was mighty impressed.)

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