D/g's Mango Tea by Aimee

you guys heard of bubble tea? we can't get it over here, so i make my own version of it.

you need:

one mango (or whatever fruit you choose)
a green tea-tea bag
hot boiling water


night before you make it, or a few hours, place a green-t tea bag in bowl and pout on the boiling water. leave it over night, or a few hours, for the bag to diffuse. and the water to cool down.

while this is happening, you can sleep, or cut up the mango. taking out the stone, and then mush up the flesh (this bit is fun, messy and sticky).

when the tea is cooled, put it in the quick freeze part of the freezer, and keep checking it every 20 mins, breaking the ice to make it into muchy ice. (you can use a slushy machine if you have one, i don't so i use the slow process...)

when you have enough green-t slush, stir in the crushed mango, pour into a tall glass (or some small ones if you're sharing it out), and add a straw.

you can substitute the mango with cordial (i often use the blackcurrant 'high juice' we sell at the store cos it's 35% fruit juice as opposed to the 10% that's in squash...).

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