Okay Cadets, here's the deal. 10 questions every Monday. Most are about the show and the movie but I may include some from the second virtual season found here. You get Daccuda Points for how many answers you get right (1-6 right is one dp, 7-9 right is two dp, 10 right is three dp). You can gain up to one dp per exam for an incorrect yet extremely inventive answer. Mispelled words do not count against you, just please try to spell as close to correctly as possible. Go to the Hall of Records to see how many DPs you've earned. Click here to read through previous weekly exams.

I write these questions based on certain answers I'm looking for. Because of this, there may be more than one answer that is technically correct, in which case your answer will be marked correct even if it's not the one I'm looking for. Also, if your answer is in the general melon-ballfield, you'll probably get credit for the answer - right now it doesn't have to be exactly correct, just close enough.

Now if everyone will have a seat, open your scrolls, and begin. Remember, this is an open scroll exam - feel free to read transcripts and/or rewatch episodes. When you are finished, please send your scrolls to my office. The tests are changed at around 6:30am EST every other Monday. Late scrolls will not be accepted (unless they're accompanied by really good bribes).

1/3/07 Weekly Test
This test is due 1/21/07.

Question 1: How does Alcemene cook a Thoration casserole?
Question 2: What particular area does Fiducious often talk about making changes in while he's in charge?
Question 3: What town did Hercules run naked through?
Question 4: What woman says "He makes me laugh" about what man (at least two women say this in justification of the guys they like)?
Question 5: What is the giant's name who builds things like Hephestus?
Question 6: What food does Iolaus hate?
Question 7: Complete the line: Kora's was closed by now. But then, ______ hadn't come for the food.
Question 8: What is "a minor technicality"?
Question 9: In what episode (besides Forgery) is Iolaus mentioned as not being able to swim (there're at least two)?
Question 10: What’s a kindrah?

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